Full Features

Full List of Features​

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Supervisor Features​

  • Full control of rules such as time between calls, rime between retries and scheduling calls.
    • Re-spool and mix your list with just one easy click of a button
  • Add and remove new/old leads as many times as needed throughout the day and keep track of it with our audit log for full lead management
  • Access to real time snapshots of agents (live monitoring). Be able to see and hear who they’re talking to
    • Listen, barge-in or whisper to your agents during calls
  • After calls are completed you’ll be able to provide call ratings
  • Full call trace paths
  • Customizable, clickable and downloadable reporting

Agent Features

  • Agents have the ability to communicate via multi-channels such as phone, live chat, email & SMS
  • Agents can multitask with the ability to park and or place callers on hold. Agents will also have their scripts plugged into Crocodial so they will never have to worry about forgetting what to say.
  • Agents can have multiple lists within a campaign, but you can also have agents in multiple campaigns to maximize efficiency and get the most out of your agents.
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System Features​

  • Voicemail Functionality which includes transcribing and sorting
  • Multi-Server Scalability and Redundancy
  • Full REST API support for lead management, campaigns, calls and reports
  • Audit Trail
  • Integrated chat with website and API support
  • Quick Onboarding
  • Simplified Agent UI*

Easy Onboarding​

  • Make use of our API integrations and you’ll never worry again about CSV imports/exports or messy ETLs.
  • Integrates with all of the CRM/LMS in the space
  • Up and running in less than a week
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  • Crocodial is TCPA compliant
  • Crocodial ensures that you do not call anyone listed in the National Do Not Call Registry
  • Residences may not be called before 8am or after 9pm in their time zone
  • Crocodial does not deliver artificial voice calls or recordings to customers without prior express written consent nor do we use simulated voices to make calls to mobile phones or other recipients where the receiver pays for the call itself
  • Access to call recordings, ability to monitor agents and PCI
  • Call recordings last indefinitely