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Crocodial – Everything You Need in a Modern Dialer

User friendly for agents and management

Simplify the process of contacting people on your call lists. You feed the contact list into Crocodial and it does all the work for you!

Real time numbers to help you monitor your staff

Ensure productivity of your agents with real-time information about your agents and their calling statistics without ever leaving your office. 

We'll have you up and running in less than a week

We assemble a team to work with you to ensure that your software deployment is configured to maximize success from Day 1.

Fast cloud deployment and no software maintenance

Improve overall efficiency of your call center with Crocodial’s web based software platform. Login from anywhere, anytime and any computer. 

Customer communication through a variety of channels

Crocodial is THE all-in-one turnkey software that helps sales teams engage with customers in ways they love: via call, text message, email, social and more.

Easily integrate with any CRM or LMS

Crocodial easily integrates with all of the CRMs and LMSs in the space with API and Manual Loading. Now you’ll have full control.

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Management made easy

Supervision features for better management

You’ll have access to realtime snapshots of your agents. You’ll be able to see and hear who they’re talking to, with the ability to listen, “barge in” or even whisper to your agents during their calls (don’t worry, the customer can’t hear you). After the call is over you’ll be able to rate the call and all ratings can be found in reports as well.

Additional Supervisor Features

Unique ways to dial

Our state-of-the art dialer connects you with more customers faster

Preview Mode

Preview Mode gives your agents an opportunity to look at their accounts/customers and ultimately decide if they want to DIAL the lead or SKIP the lead.

Croco Mode

Croco Mode provides your agents with the same features as Preview Mode, except you can set your campaigns to AUTO DIAL or SKIP after a certain amount of time. This prohibits your agents from sitting and waiting for long periods of time

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Maximize Your Portfolio with Custom Reports

Customize reports to monitor your system productivity metrics, such as Agent and Dialer activity and export to review in your favorite spreadsheet program.

Agent Tools and Features

Campaign features for maximum impact

Agents can have multiple lists within a campaign, but you can also have agents in multiple campaigns to maximize efficiency and get the most out of your agents.

Campaign Features:

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